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The benefits of year-end charitable donations

By Anne Levy-Ward,

If you’re like many Canadians, your mailbox is jammed in the holiday season with greeting cards, mail-order catalogues, promotional calendars, sale flyers — and requests for charitable donations. While you probably enjoy catching up with faraway friends and relatives and maybe even flipping through gift guides, you might not appreciate the flood of requests for money.

But, according to Statistics Canada’s Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating, 84% of Canadians age 15 and older gave money to charities in 2010. And many people do respond to year-end appeals — that’s why so many charities make them.

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Four mortgage rules you need to know

There’s a lot to consider when applying for a new mortgage. Just because you can afford the price tag doesn’t mean you’re home safe.

It is to state the obvious to say that buying a home is among the most important financial moves you will ever make. Still, too many of us make these decisions (sometimes more than once in our lives) without the benefit of professional advice and careful research. “The excitement of buying a home is sometimes overwhelming,” said Kirk Bacon, chairman of the Mortgage Broker Regulators’ Council of Canada (MBRCC) in an interview with me this week. His organization has published a useful new pamphlet titled Know Your Mortgage Risks & Responsibilities. Read more »


Sick on the job: 10 ways to stay healthy at work


Is the coughing in the next cubicle making you nervous?

With the annual cold and flu season in full swing, it’s hard to stay healthy at work — especially as a steady succession of co-workers shows up sniffling and sneezing. Read more »